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This Patent is for sale : Call (510) 701-3348 or email "peaceele@aol.com"

US patent # D 599532
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This Patent is for sale : Call (510) 701-3348 or email "peaceele@aol.com"

This is a wonderful invention in this century to make people feel happier and have FUN and yet it is practical in usage. It can be used as FUN hat or just as a regular visor . The USPTO ( United States Patent and Trade Mark Office ) has granted us a Design Patent in Sept. 8, 2009, and since then this product has been well accepted by the people across the USA and world. However, we still need more dealers / distributors in US and overseas to spread the FUN to the people around the world.

This product is for everyone : man or woman, people with hair or little hair / no hair, young or old , golfer or non-golfer, people with cancer or no cancer, and especially for people who want to have FUN and LAUGHS.

This product has many functions: wear it like a regular visor when the weather is hot ( with hair removed from the visor ) or wear it to warm your head when the weather is cold ( with the hair attached to the visor) . And also wear it when it is time for FUN and hair color can be changed any time. The bill of the visor is foldable for easy storage anywhere including your pockets.

This product is suitable for sale in any place where there are people around such as Novelty / Gift shops, Golf / Pro shops, specialty shops, Mass merchandise stores, Festivals / Shows , special events, and other places using your imagination .The business opportunity is unlimited.