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This Patent is for sale : Call (510) 701-3348 or email "peaceele@aol.com"

Wholesale Price for
Magic Visor, Magic Band and Magic Cap

(1) Magic Visor :

The wholesale price is $5 /set ( one set is one visor with one hair ) by dozens, and $4/set by hundreds, and $ 3/set by thousands, and this is the general guide line for price, exact quote is based on your exact quantity you want to purchase. And this is the FOB ( Freight On Board ) price from our warehouse in California, and you have to pay the freight to your place, and we use UPS for freight.

Additional hair can be purchased at $ 1 /pc. The embroidery visor has an extra charge of $ 0.50 /set.

For the Long Fur Grey hair, Long Fur Brown hair, and Long Fur Brunette hair, please add $0.75 extra for the Long Fur hairs.

(2) Magic Band :

The same as Magic Visor, except $0.5 /set less than Magic Visor. For example, $ 3.5/set by hundreds and $2.5 /set by thousands.

(3) Magic Cap :

The same as Magic Visor, except $ 1 /set ( one set is one cap with one attached curly hair) more than Magic Visor. For example, $5/set for by hundreds, and $4/set by thousands. FYI, the Magic Cap comes in a plastic package having the curly hair already attached to the cap.

Contact Information :

By Phone : Call ( 510) 701-3348 ( if no answer, please leave message )

By Email : Send to " peaceele@aol.com "

By Mail : Sent to " George Sheng, P.O.Box 1881, Brentwood, CA. 94513, USA "

Q & A ( Questions and Answers ) :

  1. Q : Do you do retail ?
    A: No, we do wholesale ONLY, however, if you need samples, we can send to you at reasonable price.

  2. Q : Do you have kid's size of Magic Visor available ?
    A: Yes, we do, please send your inquiry for visor color and hair color available. And they are the same price as regular adult size of Magic Visor.

  3. Q : Can you do custom color / design for Magic Visor ( for visor color , hair color or both ) ?
    A: Yes, we do, but the quantity must be in thousands. Please send your inquiry for quotation.

  4. Q : Can we buy directly from China ?
    A: Yes, but must go through our arrangement, and we can only sell in container ( 20 ' or 40' container ) basis, and ship to your directly from our authorized maker in China.

  5. Q : Do you want to sell your Patent ?
    A: Yes, we will sell our patent at right price.

  6. Q : Can we be your representative in different region / country or industry ?
    A : Yes, you can, and we pay good commission.