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The Magic Cap is also a very unique FUN product for every one. The cap is of the Tie-Dye ( T - D ) color / design, and this is the only color / design we have for Magic Cap. And this color / design is welcomed by man or woman and even teenager or kid.

At the back of the cap, there is a thick bundled curly hair ( dark brown color ) which is attached to the cap via a Velcro system. This hairpiece is removable / detachable from the cap very easily, and also can attach to the cap again very quickly.

This unique color / design of the Magic Cap can be worn by any age group ( from kids to seniors ) ,and both man or woman can wear it too and have FUN. Even just wear without hair as cap will make it very distinctive than other caps. Try it , and you will like it !!

Magic Cap with hair
attached to the cap

Top view of Magic Cap and
view cap & hair in their separate pieces

Magic Cap without hairpiece
and very colorful and artistic

Even kid can wear it
and have FUN !

Bald people with
NO hair on his top

Lool like a young man
with Magic Visor